Note: This is a LynnParkPlace Web page. Press the TAB key repeatedly to jump from link to link; press ENTER to execute the link. If your browser understands access keys, Access key="z" is the skip-nv code for top of the page content. Access key="l" will always take you to LynnParkPlace home page. Other access key codes are described here.

Skip menu; jump to content.

The TAB key provides a shortcut for skipping from link to link on a page. Landing on the link, highlights it. When a link is highlighted, you may activate it by pressing the RETURN or ENTER key; you will then make the jump to the target location.

TAB Key Navigation

It is possible for a Web author to control the order in which links are highlighted by the TAB key. This ordering is called the "tab sequence" or "tab index."

Unfortunately, many older browsers do not recognize the tab sequence. However, they do allow you to TAB through a page. At a minimum, you will be able to TAB from link to link in the order they appear in the document.

With a modern browser, however, the tab sequence can be different from the document order; this makes the TAB key a convenient and intuitive tool for page navigation.

Tab Sequence on LynnParkPlace

LynnParkPlace implements a tab sequence that begins with the first link in the body text of the page. Repeated TABs will then take you from link to link in the body text.

Once the link sequence in the body text has been exhausted, your next TAB will take you to the first Menu link. Then you will be taken through the menu link sequence.

If you continue to TAB through the page, you will eventually cycle back to the beginning of the document, usually via the URL drop down box at the top of the browser window.

Pressing the SHIFT and TAB keys together will reverse the order of your tab jumps and allow you to re-trace your steps.

NOTE: There is a hidden link at the top of the body text that will not be highlighted by the TAB key. This link is also called the "Skip Nav" link and can be targeted with the Access Key "z" key strokes, e.g. ALT + z on Mozilla and Netscape 6.x, Alt + z then RETURN on Internet Explorer. The Skip Nav provides a quick path directly to the page content, past the menu, for users of text-only and/or speech synthesizing browsers; but, it works to the same purpose in modern graphical browsers. The Skip Nav link is the first link in the tab sequence. (You can learn more about Access Keys on the Access Key Description page.)